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"Having heard Russell O'Quinn personally, I heartily commend him to you. He was a great blessing and inspiration to me"

Cliff Barrows
Music/Program Director
Billy Graham Crusades

"Russell O'Quinn has a great story to tell. It is humorous, entertaining and captivating. It challenges you to confront the real issues and purpose of life"

Charlie Duke
Astronaut, Apollo 16

"Russell O'Quinn's story is both riveting and electrifying. The story reads like fiction, but it is true. I give profound thanks for the grace of God in Russell O'Quinn's life and career"

Dr. Adrian Rogers
Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, Tennessee

Russell O'Quinn has accomplished much in the fields of advanced aviation. But I respect him even more because he has a great heart for evangelism. You can't listen to him without understanding that he wants to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the most powerful force in his life"

Dr. James Dobson quote
Focus on the Family broadcast of Russell's story

"Russell O'Quinn flies high as a pilot - and higher still at the podium. He is a marvelous inspirational speaker with a message for our times"

Frank Keating
Governor of Oklahoma

Russell O'Quinn is a very engaging speaker with a powerful message that touches hearts. He has a great sense of humor and keeps his audience riveted to the message. His is one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. I highly recommend him."

Pastor Chuck Smith
Calvary Chapels

"As a test pilot, there is no equal. As a communicator of the "Saving knowledge" of Jesus Christ, there is none finer. Russell O'Quinn's riveting and powerful story needs to be heard by young and old alike. He has truly found the real meaning and purpose of life and Russell communicates the "Truth" in a most convincing way."

Adolph Coors
Christian Speaker

"Russell O'Quinn connects with his audience! He skillfully mixes honesty and humor to provide communication at its best! His career as a test pilot and trainer of 'Top Guns' coupled with his quest for spiritual reality makes his message not only authentic, but captivating and convicting - especially in times like these. 'Skyfox' is the real thing!"

Dr. David Nicholas
Shasta Bible College & Graduate School

"I was deeply impressed with Russell's flying accomplishments, as well as his inspiring message. Each face was riveted as he wove his story of encouragement into a very appropriately meaningful address. We were indeed motivated to lift our eyes and hearts heavenward not only for prayer but for our lives' direction"

Roger G. Dekok
Lt. General USAF
Commander, USAF Space &

Missile Systems Command

"Russell O'Quinn is a man of the future who is not living for memories. You will love him, learn from him, laugh and cry with him, and his words of life will change you!

Mitchell Paige
Colonel USMC Ret.
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient